Clarity Direct Neurofeedback™ diminishes “fight or flight” as the nervous system becomes less reactive.

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Flashbacks, nightmares and hyper-arousal are routinely seen in PTSD. The nervous system is in chronic “fight or flight” mode. Balancing the autonomic nervous system and enhancing relaxation can have a dramatic effect on reducing symptoms.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is seen not only with returning veterans but also victims of rape, car accidents, and all sorts of physical or emotional abuse. PTSD is not just a consequence of war. It can also result from more ordinary and repeated “domestic” trauma. Flexibility and resilience are critical qualities to possess.

The first study demonstrating effectiveness of neurofeedback treating PTSD goes back to 1991. A more recent study from multiple academic institutions found significant decreases in PTSD symptoms in a population that had been treatment resistant for at least 10 years. With a diminished fight or flight response, over arousal and reactivity diminish. The nervous system is more balanced and relaxed. A more normal, healthy life can result.

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