Much of addiction is self-medication for anxiety and depression. With a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and depression, abstinence may become much easier.

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Addiction may be less about craving and more about self-medicating, primarily for anxiety and depression. After detox and treatment, anxiety and depression still usually persist. There is an understandable bias by clinicians and clients against taking medication for fear of addiction. With anxiety and depression poorly controlled abstinence rates are typically 10% or less.

CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ is helpful in relaxing the nervous system and allowing the brain the escape from frozen, dysfunctional neuronal pathways. This allows the brain to reorganize and stabilize itself. Clients feel less reactive and more resilient. Depression and anxiety often improve, which makes it much easier for a client to stay abstinent.

Dr. David Dubin of Synpatic explains the benefits of CLARITY w/ addiction.

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