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Concussions in the NFL have heightened awareness in the medical community and the public at large about traumatic brain injury (TBI). And while there has been a flurry of research in recent years, no mainstream treatment has shown more than modest clinical success. Studies (including those in which The Dubin Clinic was involved) treating former NFL players with Direct Neurofeedback show marked improvement, even with symptoms going back many years. Players reported decreased headaches, less anxiety and depression, less irritability and other symptoms.

In an article in the journal of NeuroRehabilitation, the authors concluded that neurofeedback has shown significant changes in injured TBI patients. An NIH-funded study of neurofeedback for mild/moderate brain injury demonstrated clear effectiveness. Several studies by Dr. Mary Lee Esty demonstrated the efficacy of Direct Neurofeedback on at least 2/3 of those who she has treated, which is more than 2,300 patients over the years. A recent study out of University of California, San Diego demonstrated the effectiveness of Direct Neurofeedback on 7 veterans with head injuries.

The Dubin Clinic was involved in one of two clinical case series, each with 10 former NFL players with post-concussive symptoms. Before and after testing included subjective questionnaires, cognitive testing, balance testing, and brain maps. In 18 of 20 players significant improvements were seen.

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