CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ can help improve a sense of well being associated with diminished anxiety, effects of traumatic brain injury, depression, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD.

Help Your Brain Heal Itself

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Is like a Reset Button That Frees the Brain

Neuroscientists believe that the brain’s defenses against stressors & trauma create gridlock, & the nervous system gets stuck in dysfunctional patterns. CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ gently disrupts these blockages. CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ allows the brain to “reboot” itself & exit those stuck, frozen patterns.

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The Benefits of

Clarity Direct Neurofeedback™

While ADD, anxiety, depression and concussion all have different causes, the end result is frozen, stuck neuronal patterns. From anxiety to ADD, central nervous system dysfunctions are like a car that’s stuck in park. CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ gets traffic flowing again.

Unlike traditional neurofeedback, where you train your brainwaves, CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ requires no effort. A very tiny and imperceptible signal, specific for you, goes from the neurofeedback amplifier back to your brain. That signal causes a slight fluctuation in your brainwaves and allows your brain to get out of frozen, stuck patterns.

Symptoms That Benefit From

CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™

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Addiction Help
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Anxiety Help
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Concussion Help
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Depression Help
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What Some of Our Provider Clients Are Saying About

Clarity Direct Neurofeedback™

Many of my clients have noticed significant improvements after just the first CLARITY Direct Neurofeedback™ session.
Testimonial by Doug Cowan
Doug Cowan

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